• Toyota Prius at parking meter

    The good old coin-operated parking meter is a bit of an enigma in the modern automotive world. When virtually everything can now be paid for by cards or even mobile phones, having to fumble around in the ashtray for a few quarters seems a little last-century. Not so for Hungarian motorists, who will soon be able to use a GPS-based parking meter service that should banish the need for emergency loose change once and for all. The system is quite simple. A driver finds a space in their city (Budapest initially, followed by 26 other towns across the country) and parks up. They then press a button...

  • Snapshot car insurance tracking device
    Want Cheaper Car Insurance? Take A Snapshot, Pay As You Go

    You'd struggle to find someone out there who wouldn't like to pay a little less for their car insurance. Whether you drive an Aveo or an Aventador insurance is a necessary evil. We all want the best service for the lowest prices. If you don't actually drive that much though, and when you do you're...

  • 2009 BMW 3-Series
    Key Of The Future From BMW, The Credit Card Car Key

    Your average car key has a limited range of functions. Even when giving it an ostentatious name like Aston Martin's "Emotion Control Unit" and constructing it from glass, it's essentially there to allow you to enter your vehicle, and turn it on. BMW could be about to change that though. Using a...

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