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  • Ford's showroom on PlayStation Home. Image: Ford Motor Company

    Shopping for cars on a PlayStation 3 is nothing new: in fact, virtually every racing game lets you view and even test drive cars ranging from the mundane to the exotic. Ford has realized that there may be an opportunity beyond brand licensing to game companies, so the automaker has opened a virtual showroom in Sony’s PlayStation Home. You can’t really buy a car through the PS3 console (yet, at least), and Ford doesn’t have every model rendered and on display. In fact, users (or their avatars) can only view the Fiesta and the Edge, which seems to be an odd mix given the...

  • Dimostra Automuseo online store
    Dimostra Automuseo Launches Online Store For High-Quality Car Art

    Remember Dimostra Automuseo’s online storage service for car collectors and photographers? Well the company has now expanded the service with a new online store where virtually anyone can have the stunning artwork typical of the material in Dimostra Automuseo’s database in their very...

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