• Nokia Car Mode, using MirrorLink

    Last spring, we told you about Terminal Mode, a new protocol being pushed by GM, Honda, Hyundai, Toyota, Volkswagen, and other automakers, as well as handset manufacturer Nokia. Terminal Mode (now known as MirrorLink) promises to make smartphone integration in cars much easier, and during this week's Frankfurt Auto Show, Nokia is showing the world how it works. The vehicle (no pun intended) for this high-tech merging of cars and cell phones is a Nokia app called "Car Mode", which will be available for download in the fourth quarter of this year. If you have a Nokia handset that runs on...

  • Li Chao, Executive Deputy General Manager of Shanghai OnStar Telematics
    OnStar Is China's First Automotive App

    General Motors has made huge inroads in China, and now, those inroads have grown a bit wider: yesterday at the 2011 Shanghai Auto Show, GM launched its smartphone app for China's OnStar subscribers. The OnStar app for Chinese drivers is nearly identical to the one that subscribers in North America...

  • VW's use of Terminal Mode
    GM, Honda, And Others Launch Car Connectivity Consortium To Set Standards For In-Car Apps

    New technology is exciting, but like most exciting things it's also fraught with peril -- and that's doubly true for developers. Think of all the tsoris caused by the great VHS vs. Beta battles of the 1980s, or the far more recent Blu-ray vs. HD DVD war, both of which cost manufacturers billions of...

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