Nine-speed automatic

  • ZF 8-speed automatic transmission

    For decades, automatic transmissions had three or four speeds, which were deemed sufficient to provide reasonable acceleration and fuel economy. Then came the five speed automatic, which was standard issue on most cars until just a few years back. Then, the race for more gears in the transmission began in earnest. First it was the six-speed automatic, followed by the seven speed and eight speed automatic. Embraced by Chrysler, ZF will now supply eight-speed (and even nine-speed) transmissions to the automaker for numerous 2013 products. Hyundai even proclaimed it was developing a 10-speed...

  • 2011 Mercedes-Benz SL Class 2-door Roadster 6.0L AMG Grille
    Report: Mercedes-Benz Working On Nine-Speed Automatic

    Yes, you read that title correctly. According to latest reports coming out of the UK Mercedes-Benz is looking to one-up the competition with the release of a nine-speed automatic gearbox. The automaker is reportedly in the process of designing the new gearbox, which it plans to use for its...

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