• OnStar Family Link

    If you're trusting your teenage son or daughter with the car for the night it's nice to know that their journey has gone safely - or that they're actually going where they said they would. For that extra piece of mind GM is testing a new OnStar service called 'Family Link' that allows subscribers to pinpoint the location of their vehicle remotely. It will allow users to keep track of the OnStar-equipped family vehicle using an online map service, and send you emails or text messages as to its whereabouts. It can even alert you if they've gone outside a pre-agreed area or if the speed creeps...

  • DriveCam
    Nanny Cams Prove Popular For Parents Of Teen Drivers

    Once upon a time, parents had to be pretty crafty to track their teenagers' driving habits. Sure, they could look for obvious signs of recklessness like dents and scratches, but hard braking? Aggressive driving? Almost impossible to spot without tailing them from a distance. (Which, of course, our...

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