• A Porsche rally team swaps an engine and transmission in under 12 minutes

    Any rally race is brutal on a vehicle. Constantly changing terrain, high speeds, and steely eyed competitors conspire to wreak havoc on a vehicle. The East African Safari Classic Rally is one such bit of motorsport, but it ups the challenge by restricting the field of entry to classic racing machines. If a rally race is difficult in a fresh, factory-built race car, could you imagine attempting the same in a car many decades older? One bright spot to consider, however, is just how much knowledge a team can accumulate about a car that's been doing this type of thing for 40 years. A Porsche 911...

  • 1964 Aston Martin DB5 James Bond movie car
    007’s Aston Martin DB5 Going under the Hammer

     Goldfinger is considered by most to be the best James Bond film ever made. What endeared the movie into the hearts of car-enthusiasts was Bond’s tricked out Aston Martin DB5. While in the novels he drives a Bentley Mark VI, the silver Aston is what most associate as his car. Now, a lucky...

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