• Lexus LC appears in the new Black Panther film

    Tony Stark might like his Audis, but T'Challa, also known as the Black Panther, has a different vehicle in mind for his turn as the star on the big screen. The leader of the advanced African nation of Wakanda will team up with a Lexus product to bring his super hero to life in the upcoming Marvel Studios motion picture "Black Panther," due out on February 16, 2018. Specifically, it seems the new King of Wakanda prefers the LC 500. We can't say we blame him as it's one slick looking machine. In fact, it almost seems as if a concept car came to life and made its way onto dealer lots. The LC 500...

  • Thor movie featuring Acura cars
    Acura To Feature In New ‘Thor’ Movie Alongside Natalie Portman

    There’s a new comic book derived movie brewing in Hollywood and this one is set to feature a handful of cars from one of the least heard of luxury brands, Acura. The movie we’re talking about is Thor, the story of an ancient warrior brought to Earth to defend humanity and get chased by...

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