• Aston Martin Cygnet Launch Edition

    Grand Prix racing legend Sir Stirling Moss might have a shiny new Aston Martin Cygnet parked on his driveway, but he's currently in a minority. Dr. Ulrich Bez, chairman of Aston Martin, has admitted that initial sales have been slow - though rather than disinterest in Aston Martin's controversial "ugly duckling", supply issues are to blame. "We can't deliver as many as the customers want," said Dr. Bez to U.K. magazine Autocar. "We don't have enough stock. It is the sort of product a customer sees and decides they want on the spot". The long times between placing an order and the Cygnet being...

  • 2011 Hyundai Equus
    2012 Hyundai Equus Loses iPad Manual, Goes Back To Paper

    We're so used to seeing carmakers taking leaps forward in in-car technology and mobile innovations that it comes as a shock when progress takes a step back. When the 2011 Hyundai Equus luxury car was launched it gained high praise from all quarters for offering huge levels of equipment at a price...

  • 2011 Jaguar XJ
    Luxury Sales Surge: Are The Fat Cats Not Feeling The Recession?

    Are luxury-car shoppers feeling the recession in the same way everyone else is? Take a look at the boarded-up store fronts on Main St., then check out the country club parking lot, political contribution coffers, and luxury dealerships and you might feel differently. There's a distinct division as...

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