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    Iran’s national automaker, Iran Khodro, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with nine leading automotive firms to help develop a modular platform to underpin a new generation of cars for its IKCO brand. The list includes firms specializing in engines, transmissions, chassis systems and manufacturing, as well as Italian design firm Pininfarina. Iran’s Amirkabir and Sharif universities are also involved in the project. Previously, Iran Khodro relied on platforms from other automakers, primarily France’s PSA Group. Iran Khodro has also manufactured a number of PSA Group...

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    Iran working on female-specific car

    There's no doubt that the gender values of the West often clash with those of other cultures, and vice versa, and the newest project at Iran's state-funded carmaker, Khodro, illustrates that point well. Building a car specifically and exclusively for women may seem like a progressive viewpoint, but...

  • Move over Prius, Iran's building its own hybrid
    Move over Prius, Iran's building its own hybrid

    Iran’s largest auto manufacturer, Khodro, is well underway developing a hybrid petrol-electric vehicle in an attempt to reduce emission levels for cars in that region. Spurred on by the Iran government, Khodro plans to manufacture around 100,000 vehicles based on a number of existing models...

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