• Chevrolet Volt battery cover planter

    Reducing fuel consumption and emissions is only one aspect of automotive sustainability - at the end of a car's life comes the time for its components to be re-used and recycled. We'd hope for Chevrolet's sake that its 2011 Volt models aren't already reaching the end of their life-cycles but it's nice to know that when they do, a little innovation can make old components go a long way. When General Motors' Real Estate and Facilities team moved into a new building and wanted to spruce up the atrium, they had the perfect planter ready and waiting - the battery cover from the 2011 Chevrolet...

  • Toyota 'Ideas for Good' ad about head injuries and football helmets
    Toyota Announces 'Ideas For Good' Finalists: You Can Help Pick The Winners

    Last fall, we told you about Toyota's "Ideas for Good" competition. If you read about it or saw the TV commercials (including the controversial one that was censored by the NFL), you know that the contest encouraged folks to envision new applications for five Toyota technologies, like the company's...

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