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    Wearable technology—think Fitbit, Apple Watch, and the like—has become a staple for many of us. The technology allows users to keep tabs on their overall health and encourage more active lifestyles. However, Ford thinks the same kind of technology used in wearables can be implemented in future vehicles. Fortune reports Ford CEO Mark Fields has approached Flex, the maker of wearable fitness trackers for Fitbit and diabetes monitoring systems for Johnson & Johnson, to begin researching ways to embed biometric sensors into cars. Flex and Ford have already worked together on...

  • Breathalyzer
    The Noble Breathalyzer: Coming Soon To Your Doctor's Office

    The breathalyzer -- technically a brand name that, like Jello, Xerox, and Dumpster has gradually become genericized -- was invented in the early 20th century for police purposes. But scientists have recently discovered a new use for the device, one that could eliminate the need for costly medical...

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    Toxic Tests Ensure Your Car Can't Give You Cancer, Allergies

    Safety isn't a glamorous subject but it's nice to know that when you put yourself and your family into a car you'll all be safe. Not just on the road, but sitting there and breathing normally, too. That's why manufacturers such as Ford are making the effort to put their cars through the rigorous...

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    Ford Sync Could Soon Monitor Your Blood Pressure, Too

    Ford's popular Sync telematics system offers an array of great features, like entertainment, navigation, and diagnostics. Now, the automaker's tech team are wondering if they might extend diagnostics to evaluate the health of drivers themselves. Developers at Ford have begun working with WellDoc, a...

  • Fast food
    Is Car Culture Keeping Americans Overweight?

    A few years ago we reported on the trend that many new cars aren’t designed to accommodate America’s seemingly ever-expanding waistline, with even popular models like the Chevrolet Corvette ill-prepared to carry two occupants each with a weight of over 200 pounds. Alarmingly, it's not...

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