• Solar Panels by Flickr user Chandra Marsono

    A Californian start-up has just received an award of $100,000 as part of the "GE ecomagination Challenge" for an energy-saving idea that could change the way that buildings are constructed. Pythagoras Solar from San Mateo has created windows laced with solar cells and the potential benefits for companies could be huge. The windows not only generate power thanks to the solar cells, but increased protection from sunlight also helps make the interior of the building cooler, reducing the need for air conditioning. We're fans of exciting new technologies here at All Car Tech, but what we're really...

  • Cloud-based energy optimization
    Cloud-Controlled Energy Saving From Google And Ford

    It's 7am, and your alarm is blaring to raise you bleary-eyed from your slumber. You grab breakfast, chuck some clothes on and get ready to head to work. As you step into your car, a message appears on the central screen. "What is your destination?". You press a button marked "Work". Although you...

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