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electric power steering

  • ZF dual-pinion electric power steering

    Get into any new car—okay, well maybe not a Smart Fortwo—and you’ll find power steering. Power steering systems have, for the most part, become so good, so transparent in a way, that we tend to forget that they exist. Yet we should keep in mind that for the typical driver, to muscle a 4,000-pound sedan or 5,000-pound utility vehicle along city streets or tight canyon roads—with latte in hand—would be unthinkable, dangerous, and downright impossible. What’s largely been replacing them over the past decade—electric power steering systems...

  • Nissan's steer-by-wire system
    Infiniti To Get Steer-By-Wire Technology In 2013: Video

    Conventional steering systems provide a mechanical link from the steering wheel to the front wheels, which is generally power-assisted via hydraulics on modern automobiles. For decades, this delivered a reasonable blend of handling and ride comfort, even if it came with certain trade-offs in...

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