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  • Beer

    As in many aspects of life, ignoring a problem such as drink driving doesn't make it go away. That applies whether you're willingly letting an intoxicated friend drive, you've had a few beers yourself and think you'll be fine anyway, or whether you're using an app to deliberately avoid DUI checkpoints. Thankfully, technology will be here to help keep people on the straight and narrow in the near future. Rather than letting you risk your life and licence out on the roads, a system called TruTouch can detect your blood alcohol level before you've even started your car, says Consumer Reports...

  • Pulled over by the police
    Senators Push Apple, Google To Nix DUI Apps -- But Does It Matter?

    In March, we told you that four U.S. Senators had pushed Apple, Google, and Research In Motion (creators of the Blackberry) to remove apps that revealed the location of DUI checkpoints. At the time, RIM was the only provider that agreed to do so, but now Apple and Google have indicated that they...

  • Rick Springfield mug shot, May 2011
    This Week In DUIs: Rick Springfield Isn't So Hard To Hold (In Jail)

    First, they called him Bruce, now they call him jailbird: the former pop star and soap star known as Rick Springfield was pulled over in Malibu, California Monday night and hauled in for driving under the influence. Law enforcement agents saw Springfield speeding down the Pacific Coast Highway...

  • 2003 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra
    One Dead, Four Hurt After Crash Involving Mustangs And A Street-Sweeper

    Sad news out of McKinney, Texas: One person is dead and four injured after two late-model Mustangs that appeared to be racing were involved in a crash with a street-sweeper. According to police reports, both Mustangs (one a 1999 model, the other a 2003) collided with the street-sweeper, killing one...

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