Dodge Daytona

  • Dodge Daytona and Plymouth Superbird

    Some of the world's most interesting cars have the greatest stories behind them. The Dodge Daytona and the Plymouth Superbird are no different. At their core, they were built to shame Ford and Chevrolet in NASCAR, but Dodge was so adamant to ensure the car's success that it went through great engineering measures. Like, bringing on an individual from Chrysler's missile division to engineer the car. Yes, Chrysler had a missile division, as Donut Media recalled in its latest episode of "Up to Speed." Chrysler built ballistic missiles designed by Nazi scientists that the United States brought...

  • Dodge Daytona and Plymouth Superbird kits from HPP
    HPP goes retro with Dodge Daytona and Plymouth Superbird kits

    We’re sure many readers are still trying to forget those sorry days back in the 1970s where cars like the Dodge Daytona and Plymouth Superbird used to roll the streets. The cars were hotted up versions of regular models like the Dodge Charger and Plymouth Road Runner, originally developed for...

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