• Stanford/Audi TTS autonomous Pikes Peak car, aka 'Shelley'

    If you’re tracking the development of autonomous vehicles, you know that several companies have now begun testing in the state of Nevada, where autonomous cars can now be licensed for use on public roads. To be clear, Google was the first company to receive such a license from Nevada, followed by an announcement from automotive supplier Continental, which claimed to be the first industry supplier granted the privilege of operating autonomous cars on Nevada’s roads. Now comes word that Audi has become the first automaker granted a license to operate autonomous cars in Nevada, and...

  • Continental gets Nevada approval to test autonomous cars
    Continental Is Latest To Get Nevada License For Autonomous Cars

    Automotive supplier Continental is one of the driving forces behind the development of systems necessary for autonomous vehicles, and it’s become the first industry supplier granted a license to test autonomous vehicles on Nevada’s roads. Google was the first company granted a license...

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