• Italian Police Crash Lamborghini Gallardo

    Whether you're texting, calling, updating your social media networks, or simply pressing buttons on your stereo or sat nav, in-car technology can be quite a distraction from the actual process of driving. Now it turns out that it isn't just Mr. and Mrs. Average Joe who fall foul of distractions - it's officers in police squad cars too. An article on Fridley Patch reveals that a study from St. Mary's University of Minnesota puts technology in squad cars to blame for 14 percent of crashes. This manifests itself as $1,188,660 of damage between 2006 and 2010 for the Minnesota forces. When you see...

  • Traffic Jam
    Tech Blamed For Stressed "Gen Y" Drivers; Some Tips To Help

    If you were born some time between the 1970s and the mid 1990s you're what's known as "Generation Y", and new research has shown that you're much more likely to be stressed behind the wheel than your "Baby Boomer" predecessors. The survey was conducted by Galaxy Research, on 1,010 people across...

  • Sprint Drive First app for Android
    Sprint Pre-Installing Android App To (Mostly) Disable Your Smartphone While Driving

    If you're the sort of person who's tempted to take calls while driving -- or worse, answer text messages -- there are dozens of apps to help curb your addition. Now, Sprint is making the process even easier by pre-installing the Drive First app on every Android phone. Drive First works like many...

  • T-Mobile's DriveSmart
    T-Mobile Joins The Battle Against Distracted Driving With DriveSmart

    Over the past few months, we've seen a number of smartphone apps designed to curb distracted driving -- namely, SafeCell, PhoneGuard, and Mashable's mobile app of the year, DriveSafe.ly. Now a nationwide carrier has joined the fray: T-Mobile, with its DriveSmart service. Of the various apps...

  • Teen driving
    Study: Nighttime Teen Deaths Up, Cellphone Distraction To Blame

    If you have a new teen driver in the house and are thinking about setting some ground rules on when they can or can't take out the car, ruling out most of the nighttime hours might be a good start.

  • DriveAssist
    DriveAssist phone service keeps drivers from talking and texting at the wheel

    Mobile communications devices are truly coming into their own with the BlackBerry, iPhone, Sidekick and more making it easier than ever to stay connected via the Internet, voice and text. But all that connectivity can be a major distraction behind the wheel, and so Aegis Mobility has developed a...

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