• The Cost2Drive app for iPhone. Image: C2G

    A new iPhone app allows you to easily calculate the cost difference between driving and flying to a given location.

  • Ethernet cable. Image: Wikipedia user David Monniaux
    Ethernet May Reduce Cost, Improve Vehicle Communication Tech

    If ethernet brings up images of 1990s technology and its use in cars suggests a spaghetti of cables like your office, then think again. Freescale Semiconductor is one of several companies now exploring ethernet technology in an automotive communications and networking environment, and it could...

  • LED bulbs
    Plug-n-Play LED Lighting On The Way, Gets Brighter, Cheaper

    If you spend a lot of time driving you won't have failed to notice the distinctive shape of high intensity LED daytime running lights on some modern vehicles. As for LED tail-lights, those are even more common. Only a small selection of vehicles features entirely LED-based headlights though...

  • GM UAW workers on the Hummer assembly line in Shreveport
    New UAW deal cuts GM's competitive gap on labor costs

    Labor has taken a lot of the blame for the current state of the U.S. auto industry, and to a degree, rightfully so. But without the labor, no cars can be built, so General Motors has been hard at work on a new contract with the UAW, which has finally been approved by 74% of union locals. Today GM...

  • Ford VP Joe Hinrichs at the Oakville, Ontario plant
    Ford, Chrysler say GM should get more out of CAW

    Ford is projecting the strongest image of the Detroit 3 at the moment due to its refusal to seek government loans, but it says the deal General Motors and the CAW reached won't be good enough to keep Ford competitive in Canada. GM, on the other hand, seems pleased with its deal, and has announced...

  • Maybach 62S
    Maybach 62S depreciates $500 per day, leads luxury ranks

    The true cost of owning a mega-luxury car is often compounded when things like maintenance and insurance are taken into account, but it turns out depreciation is the real killer. For the Maybach 62S, one of the most expensive and excessive luxury sedans on the market, the penalty will run upwards...

  • UAW logo

    The UAW's near-stranglehold on the domestic auto industry has taken a lot of the blame for the current condition of the carmakers. Whether it's a fair conclusion or not, however, for companies like General Motors to survive, there will have to be concessions from labor and investors alike. Formal concessions negotiations with a range of partners begin this week, with the spotlight on the UAW. Delving into the UAW's labor contracts will be a hard-fought issue, however, as the union is expected to resist at every turn. The contract negotiated in 2007 is still in effect, and to achieve the...

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