• Distracted driving

    According to researchers at India’s Anna University of Technology, up to 20-percent of fatal traffic accidents involving trucks or heavy commercial vehicles may be linked back to driver cell phone usage. That’s a global number, not one specific to India, and the threat of fines and penalties seems to have no significant impact on the use of mobile phones behind the wheel. As Inside Line reports, that statistic prompted Anna University scientists H. Abdul Shabeer, R.S.D. Wahidabnu and H. Abdul Zubarto develop a system called the Cell Phone Accident Preventer, or CAP for short...

  • Mobile cellphone signal booster  -  Wilson Electronics
    Cellphone Signal Boosters: Built Into Your Next New Car?

    Instead of waiting for the cellphone companies to rise to the occasion and install more towers and transmitters, a smart alternative that automakers are clearly considering is the use of cellphone signal boosters.

  • Cell Phone Safety
    U.S. House Mulls In-Car Cell Phone Ban

    A bill in the U.S. House would ban holding cell phones while driving, except in case of emergency.

  • Powermat
    Powermat Car Charger Rolls Out To Other Cars (Not Just GM Models)

    Last month, we told you that GM cars would soon feature built-in charging devices from Powermat and that the Chevy Volt was first in line for the goods. Now, Powermat has announced that it'll soon offer a version of its wireless charger for cell phones and other mobile devices that will fit any...

  • Facebook mobile app for Android
    Fatal Accident A Result Of Driver Updating Facebook Status?

    Only a few weeks ago we were speculating on the wealth of distractions the modern motorist has to face. Phone calls, texting... even updating your Facebook status. The latter is alleged to be the cause of a recent road accident in the Chicago area in which a woman has been accused of hitting a...

  • T-Mobile's DriveSmart
    T-Mobile Joins The Battle Against Distracted Driving With DriveSmart

    Over the past few months, we've seen a number of smartphone apps designed to curb distracted driving -- namely, SafeCell, PhoneGuard, and Mashable's mobile app of the year, DriveSafe.ly. Now a nationwide carrier has joined the fray: T-Mobile, with its DriveSmart service. Of the various apps...

  • Teen driving

    If you have a new teen driver in the house and are thinking about setting some ground rules on when they can or can't take out the car, ruling out most of the nighttime hours might be a good start.

  • land rover s1 mobile phone 001
    Land Rover reveals new S1 rugged mobile phone

    The iPhone or the latest Blackberry or Nokia offerings are often taken as the gold standard of mobile phones for most folks. But sometimes you need a phone that just works, even if you dip it in mud, drive over it with your truck, dunk it in water and drop it onto the pavement. That's where Land...

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