Car Seats

  • Faurecia's SmartFit Bluetooth-linked seats

    When it comes to seating position, some drivers are more fanatical than others about precise adjustments. While the average driver pays little attention to seat back angle or position once a semi-comfortable setting is found, some of us spend days dialing in the optimum amount of rake and the perfect distance from the gas, brake and clutch. Those of us who take driving seriously generally take seating position seriously, too, but here’s some good news: if automotive seat supplier Faurecia has its way, achieving the perfect position with its SmartFit seats may just be a matter of...

  • Pressure-sensitive security car seat
    Japanese Security Car Seat Knows One Backside From Another

    Car thieves of the future had better hope they have exactly the same build as you, otherwise they won't be getting very far. It's already difficult enough to steal modern cars, but according to TechCrunch (via Digital Trends), Japanese engineers have been working on a car seat that won't let anyone...

  • 2011 Lexus CT 200h interior
    Jeans Staining Your Car Seats? Lexus, Chrysler Fight Stains

    You might not think your jeans have the capacity for causing much damage unless you're one of the unlucky souls to have once caught part of their anatomy in the zipper, but they can actually be responsible for undue wear to your car seats. A light-colored leather interior can look absolutely...

  • 2012 Honda Civic Hybrid
    2012 Honda Civic Seats Are Safer, Lighter, Use Fewer Parts

    Car seats have a hard life. They're the one contact point in your car that you use 100 percent of the time, and they have to suffer hundreds of thousands of miles of your own and other peoples' rear-ends whilst remaining comfortable, and, above all, safe. The humble headrest is an oft-overlooked...

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