• 2012 Nissan Altima QR code

    You can't fail to have noticed the abundance of Quick Response (QR) codes on products and services these days. They appear on everything from soda cans to billboards, websites and TV adverts. The curious little pixellated codes have become a great way for companies to offer information to anybody with a smartphone and QR reader. Scanning the image can take you to websites or download information at the touch of a button. Nissan has announced that it is the first car company to offer QR codes on window stickers across its lineup, starting with 2012 models. The 2012 Nissan Altima and 2012...

  • Copart's Sell My Car app
    Tired Of eBay, Craigslist? Sell Your Car With Copart App

    Online car sales sites have transformed the way we buy and sell cars. Whether you're selling to the highest bidder on an online auction site or setting your price and waiting for the calls on sites like Autotrader, you can not only add far more photos and details than ever before but reach a...

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