• Brembo breaks down F1 and Le mans brakes

    Formula 1 race cars are amazing feats of motorsport engineering. Equally as amazing, however, are the LMP1 prototype racers that run in the various endurance events around the globe, including the 24 Hours of LeMans. Each type of cars represents the pinnacle of what's currently possible with a race car. Each is capable of tremendous speed and the production of brutal G forces. How do they stack up with regard to braking power, though? Brembo sat down with its slide rules and calculators to figure out the differences, and the results are quite interesting. To start, we should examine the...

  • 2016 Chevrolet Camaro's Brembo brakes
    Brake-by-wire to go mainstream, says Brembo

    Braking systems have changed considerably over decades, but high-performance brake manufacturer Brembo thinks another big change is coming. Brembo’s executive director for braking systems, Giovanni Canavotto, told Car and Driver in an interview published Monday that brake-by-wire systems will...

  • Brembo explains its Formula One brakes
    Brembo Explains Its F1 Brake Technology: Video

    The world's most prominent brake supplier explains an F1 system from pedal to caliper.

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