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  • Ben Collins, formerly The Stig for Top Gear UK

    If you've ever wondered what it might be like to suddenly stop being the least-known person on the world's best-known automotive TV show, Ben Collins is probably the best person to ask. That’s because he was the man behind the mask--or should we say helmet--of The Stig, Top Gear’s tame race car driver who was in charge of wringing the most out of virtually every car with any hint of performance around the show’s famous race track. Since leaving the show Collins has written an autobiography, managed a motorsports and engineering firm, and even dabbled in the growing field of...

  • Top Gear gets a new Stig
    Video: Top Gear Breeds A New Stig

    The BBC's Top Gear is perhaps the most well-recognized and widely-watched motoring program on earth, and the series' dependence on a hired gun that plies the world's best supercars at the show's test track is equally well-known. This hired gun, commonly referred to as the Stig, came to be almost as...

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