Reduce, reuse, recycle. We hear it often, but what if there was a far cooler way to repurpose cardboard laying around? Fortunately, there is.

A new video from YouTuber "The Q" shows us exactly how to take regular, old cardboard and turn it into a full-blown Formula 1 car. We have so many questions that surround just how the YouTuber came up with this idea, but we digress. 

If the format sounds familiar, it's because this also isn't the first time we've seen some sort of material used to build an F1 car. The Q has previously taken it upon himself to build another F1 car from matches and Coca-Cola cans. We begin the journey with cardboard used for the floor of the race car, which provides the base for the parts and components to come. The timelapse video makes things look quick and easy, but according to the video description, the entire project took 500 hours.

As the F1 car comes to life in full 3D, we see the body take shape, wheels added, the giant rear wing, and even a full cockpit complete with a lookalike steering wheel. In total, 50 square meters of cardboard was used in the build and 100 glue gun sticks were sacrificed in the making of the cardboard F1 car. The results are mesmerizing, though. The tires even have a full look with extra cardboard cut and molded together on the outside of the basic cylinder piece—and they're complete with multi-spoke wheels.

The final result, well, it looks like a real-life F1 car finished in an all-brown racing livery with matching tires. Kudos to this YouTuber for having the time and patience to carry out such a time-consuming build. Lego builders have nothing on this guy.