Former Formula 1 World Champion Nico Rosberg is enjoying his retirement. The 33-year now serves as an ambassador for Mercedes-Benz. One of the perks of this relationship is a guaranteed spot on the list for buyers itching for the upcoming Mercedes-AMG One hypercar. Rosberg is getting one, and he recently popped into Munich to configure his ultra-fast, ultra-exclusive car. Luckily for us, he created a video of his experience.

Rosberg believes the One will be capable of a 0-62 mph time of just 2.2 seconds. By comparison, his F1 race car could complete that jaunt in 2.5 seconds. He says the top speed should easily reach 360 kph, or 223 mph.

More related to his race car can be found inside, as Rosberg comments that the paddle shifters are lifted straight from his old F1 race car. The steering wheel appears to be a luxury version of what race car drivers might find in their cockpits. Sliding behind the wheel must to feel familiar for Rosberg.

Also inside we can see a rearview camera, a center infotainment display, and a digital display on the dash for speed readouts, the tach, and other driving information.

The rear wing acts in a similar manner to the one on F1 race cars as well. It's equipped with a Drag Reduction System (DSR). During races, F1 drivers enable DRS on certain portions of the track to adjust the wing to reduce drag and allow their cars to reach higher speeds. Drivers of the Mercedes-AMG One will be able to play the same aero games.

All buyers of the AMG One are still playing the waiting game. The car has been delayed until 2020. This is primarily due to the engine, which is a complicated mill taken directly from F1. The 1.6-liter turbocharged V-6 wants to idle at 5,000 rpm and that doesn't deliver the emissions necessary for a proper road car. A stable idle needs to be achieved and maintained at 1,200 rpm.

This is truly a wild machine. We doubt that very few Mercedes-AMG One owners will be able to push their cars quite as skillfully as Nico Rosberg, though other F1 drivers may be on the customer list.