Comedian and well-known car collector Adam Carolla is parting ways with one of his personal vehicles, and it seeks a new home. His 1972 BMW 3.0 CSL is now listed for sale with Classic Driver.

Before Carolla purchased the car, Dahmen-Tuning owned it and Heinz-Jorgen Dahmen converted the car to race specification. Between 1972 and 2004, the 3.0 CSL garnered five wins and eight podium finishes. Following Dahmen's ownership, Cullen "Cuffy" Crabbe purchased the vehicle and converted it to Group 2 racing spec. Crabbe is the son of Buster Crabbe, a 1932 Olympic gold medal swimmer and actor. 

Cuffy continued to race the car in vintage races and also updated the engine. The car came into Carolla's possession in 2011, though he never got around to racing it.

The listing says the 1972 BMW remains in excellent condition and is ready to take to the starting grid at a moment's notice. And we must say, it looks downright sinister finished in a deep black exterior hue with "M" red and blue racing stripes that outline various body panels. Gold wheels look right at home as well.

How much the car will set its new owner back is a mystery, though. The ad does not mention a price and invites interested buyers to contact the seller for more information.


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