Lego has provided countless numbers of incredible build projects to keep kids and adults alike busy. This Lego go-kart takes things to a whole new level, though.

In the video above, Matt Denton reveals his plans to build a life-size Lego go-kart for his nephew. The trouble is, it would have been much too large and taken way too much time to create, even with his 3D printer handy.

That didn't stop him, and he decided a slightly smaller version would do. It may not exactly fit his nephew, but it's still absolutely awesome.

With Denton's 3D printer, it took 168 hours to print all the necessary parts. In total, there are 98 parts present and they actually work like true Legos, clicking into place like some of our favorite toys from yesteryear. The pinion steering is also functional, as are the wheels. Unfortunately, there's no engine to power it, but the build is still mighty cool nonetheless.

The go-kart is supposed to be a real-life version of the original Lego go-kart, the Technic Go-Kart, from the 1980s. Even though the size isn't exactly what Denton wanted, it's still five times larger than the original toy, as seen in the video...