In 1967, New Zealand native Burt Munro set out to capture the land-speed record on a modified 1920 Indian motorcycle. He accomplished that with a top speed of 184.087 mph, which has since been recognized by Indian.

Now, 50 years later, Munro's spirit lives on through his great-grandnephew, Lee Munro. Lee Munro helped commemorate and organize the "Spirit of Munro" 50th anniversary run at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah this year.

While Burt Munro set the land speed record with a 1000cc motorcycle, Lee Munro's motorcycle used at the Bonneville Salt Flats displaced 1350cc, and he said the runs were never meant to dethrone the 1967 record, according to Digital Trends. By the way, Burt Munro's record stands to this day.

With the younger Munro geared up and ready, he set off to clock a few runs. On August 12, he managed 191.286 mph, followed by a 180.439 mph run and a 186.415 mph run. Each of those times smashes the previous record of 1350cc motorcycles, which stood at 167 mph. We suppose the need for speed runs in the family.

Lee Munro and his team aren't finished yet. The goal at Bonneville was to crack 200 mph, but that didn't happen. Munro and crew plan to return to a dry lakebed in California to attempt a 200-mph run in the near future.