It's bad enough that the cost of membership is so high to put your backside into a Porsche. On top of that, for more than a decade, it was extremely hard to do it virtually. After years of exclusivity, Porsche has been unleashed to cross various video game franchises. Now, gamers will be able to pilot their favorite Porsche models in Playstation's "Gran Turismo."

EA held exclusive rights to Porsche vehicles through a licensing deal that lasted the entirety of the 2000s and most of this decade. Occasionally, a Porsche would slip through to various other titles, but the licensing deal meant the closest thing to piloting a digitized Porsche was often via RUF in games outside of "Need For Speed."

With the deal unsealed, Porsche will be one of many marques featured in the highly anticipated "Gran Turismo Sport" title coming later this year. Playstation officially tweeted the news of Porsche's inclusion while confirming beta testing for the game would begin in the U.S.

As for which models will be recreated in pixelized perfection, we've only been guaranteed the 911 GT3 RS thus far. "Gran Turismo Sport" will include 140 cars initially, but gamers should expect Sony and Polyphony Digital to offer up more vehicles through downloadable content.

"Gran Turismo Sport" was originally slated for release in 2016 but has been postponed to "late 2017" for now. Still, the delay hasn't stopped Sony from teasing the majesty of graphical beauty that is "GT Sport" through various trailers and the aforementioned beta that is currently underway. Hopefully, we'll get some official news on when we can expect to dive into the latest game during the annual E3 conference this June.


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