Since 1986, Porsche has offered customers the opportunity to build a bespoke sports car. In the process, Porsche has also treated enthusiasts at large to Exclusive models to mark various occasions. Those Exclusive models are the subject of Porsche's latest Top 5 video.

At number five comes the 2012 911 Club Coupe in honor of the 60th anniversary of Porsche clubs worldwide. Porsche Exclusive built only 13 Club Coupes, which feature the iconic Brewster Green exterior color coupled with a brown interior.

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In 2011, Porsche decided to reward itself after working so hard on the exclusive program for 25 years, and the result was the number four car on this list. That spawned the 911 Speedster, based on the 997 generation of 911. It featured typical speedster characteristics, such as a shorter windshield and rear end complete with a prominent double bubble design.

For true Porsche nerds, 2009 was a joyous occasion. Porsche revealed the 911 Sport Classic with the iconic Fuchs-style Porsche wheels of yore, the return of the ducktail spoiler, and “Sport Classic” gray paint.

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Number two reaches back much further. In 1992, Porsche launched the Turbo S 964. The collaboration between Porsche Motorsport and Porsche Exclusive yielded just 86 of these gorgeous machines, which featured significant weight savings of nearly 397 pounds.

The final spot on Porsche’s homemade list remains a mystery. The brand ends the latest video series on a cliffhanger, stating the next vehicle from Porsche Exclusive will launch this year. Porsche provides no more words, but shows what could be the new model under cover. What do you think the next model may be? We're looking forward to finding out.


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