Back in 2014, Porsche announced it would be returning to top-level endurance racing after a 16-year absence from the sport. Audi welcomed Porsche into the fold with open arms and a wide-open throttle salute. The four-ringed automaker put together a fun spot that both poked fun at Porsche while also serving as a warm motorsports handshake. Now it's Porsche's turn to spread the love as Audi is no longer supporting an endurance racing team.

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Porsche has produced a spot that features a lot of similar (if not the same) shots and it also utilizes that gorgeous old Porsche diesel tractor again. Look closely at the plate on the nose of the tractor, by the way. The gentleman riding the tractor hears the news that Audi is withdrawing from endurance racing. It stops him in his tracks, and he realizes he must do something to try and get Audi back into the racing that it has dominated for the better part of two decades.

The rest of the video is a surprisingly touching message from one automaker to another. Yes, Audi, we all want you to come back to this level of racing. Bring your glorious machines, your amazing drivers, and your terrific teams, and find a way to come back to Le Mans. It is where you belong.

We're all waiting for that day.


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