Ayrton Senna is still a beloved and idolized racing driver to this day. The man died at Imola back in 1994, yet we continue to talk about his greatness often. A well-received film released five years ago celebrated his racing genius and introduced a new generation to the legend.

One bit of Senna's lasting legacy stays with us in the form of the first-generation Acura NSX. A filmmaker in the Netherlands managed to capture that bit of legacy in a gorgeous ode to a wonderful car.

While developing the NSX, Honda turned inward to its motorsports program for tuning strategies. Ayrton Senna was part of that program and lent many hours so the NSX would become the fantastic driving machine it proved to be. He convinced the engineers to further stiffen the chassis, relayed his feedback with regard to the suspension tuning, and pushed the car hard at a number of tracks, including the Nürburgring. In short, Ayrton Senna is part of the reason why the first-generation NSX was so good.

Filmmaker Robbert Alblas used that motivation to create a short-film titled "Senna's Legacy - The NSX." It's a perfect example of a video that doesn't need narration, a host, or much of anything in the way of words. The car and the visuals speak for themselves, with some initial background audio from various Senna clips.

This is a beautifully shot video, and it's a no-brainer for you to hit play and enjoy the next 3 minutes and 24 seconds of your time. Then do it again, because it's that good. 


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