It looks like the first Acura NSX, badged as a Honda outside the United States, has been involved in a crash.

The crash took place on Monday on the Wang Kung Temple Provincial Highway in Taiwan.

According to Apple Daily Taiwan, a journalist was driving at the time. He is reported to have claimed a bee flew through an open window and stung him on the neck, the shock causing him to send the car into a barrier.

Fortunately no one was seriously injured and the damage doesn’t look all that severe. The impact was forceful enough, though, to set off the driver and passenger front airbags.

There are rumors this particular car might be the first example of the second-generation NSX to be built, since it matches a pre-production version sporting chassis number 0000 and a similar red paint job. Chassis #0000 was also being used for journalist test drives, though it was badged an Acura, so likely not the car you see here.