Bryce Menzies is an accomplished off-road truck racer. He's won the Baja 100 a few times. He's taken the win for the last two years of the Red Bull Frozen Rush. The TORC Pro2 series? He's a three-time champion. Bryce was looking to do something a little more grand, though, and the idea occurred to him to go for a new jump distance record in a truck.

The previous record was 332 feet, which was set by Tanner Foust when he teamed up with Hot Wheels in 2011. Bryce turned to his Red Bull and Pennzoil sponsors for help with his record attempt. The plan was to produce a live Red Bull jump event, in which Bryce would try to top the old record by soaring for an insane 400 feet.

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That original plan was thrown out the window when Bryce crashed during testing. In his final testing jump before the live event, the truck appeared to catch wind at the wrong angle and it flipped rearward. Menzies broke his shoulder and the live jump was canceled.

The jump prior that one, however, was a success. It was just a test jump but Bryce and his truck flew 379.4 feet. That easily soars past the old record and is more than enough to get Menzies into the record book.