Honda wants people to think it's an awesome brand once again with great-driving, non-boring cars like it's the '90s all over again. Thankfully, it isn't just talking the talk; rather, it's walking the walk as it starts to introduce new models that are actually worth getting excited about.

The Acura NSX is back, the Civic Type R is coming, and it'll be actually sold here in the U.S. market, and even a new Civic hatchback is headed back to showrooms.

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But what about a more affordable sports car? Remember the S2000? Word has it a new sports car is coming.

In fact, we've already seen patent images of what could be this S2000 successor. The question now is: What will it be called?

That's the very question we ask you earlier this week via a Twitter poll. Your response? It should be named the Honda S3000 according to 35 percent of you, which of course is a logical name if it really is to be viewed as the S2000 successor. A total of 28 percent of you said it should just be called the S2000 again while 27 percent of you said let's name it the Honda ZSX. Apparently 10 percent of you find us hilarious and decided it should be named the Honda Scootie Bug.

What will this new sports car actually be called? That's obviously up to Honda, but it's clear people aren't going to be angry about using the S2000 moniker or the S3000 moniker. Then again, it could end up being an Acura-badged product here in the U.S. for all we know.