Losing your brakes while driving is a terrifying feeling. There's nothing but the sense of impending doom since you're no longer in complete control of your two-ton metal machine. Imagine if you were out on a race track when you lost your brakes? Now imagine you were doing 165 mph when they went out. Brad Keselowski doesn't have to imagine that scenario because it just played out for him during Tuesday's testing at Watkins Glen.

We're very happy to report that Keselowski is alright. He tweeted as much, and he also tweeted out both the gnarly crash photo and in-car footage of it all going wrong. It seems that the rear brakes went out, the fronts locked up, and Keselowski wound up eating guardrail at a high rate of speed. His safety gear clearly helped hold him in place while also dissipating a lot of the energy from the accident.

According to onlookers, Brad had just completed some fast laps during testing. He was running the fastest out of 14 other drivers testing that day before he crashed. His Crew Chief is understandably upset since the team was running so well prior to this incident.

Ready to go for a horrifying spin? Click play on the video below: