Why people still yell "Freebird" at concerts is unclear. It's a true mystery.

There's a compelling argument involving a Chicago DJ, of course. But while we know why the sky is blue, the actual origin of the presumably ironic request is likely lost to the sands of time. That said, if drunk audience members yell it enough, some artist will eventually take the bait. This week, as the SF Gate reported Tuesday, that artist was notoriously cranky rock legend Bob Dylan.

Maybe that'll put the whole thing to bed? Here's what else happened this week:

  • Lots of enthusiasts are picky about keeping their cars clean. But we haven't seen any sector of the enthusiast crowd as dedicated to squeaky-clean rides as the CorvetteForum folks. Seriously, who washes their car every day?

  • We love barn finds, so when an HDForums member posted about a potential jackpot at a deceased acquaintance's place, we kept an eye on the thread. But it was a story buried in the middle which made it truly worth reading.

  • Getting your hands on a new Porsche GT3 RS is tricky enough, but only paying MSRP for one? That's requires some serious dedication. So our hat is off to this dedicated and slightly lucky RennList member. Here's how he did it.

  • Buying new tires is expensive. That said, replacing the rubber provides a good opportunity to pull some epic burnouts, so that's just what this MBWorld regular did. Yup, the Merceeds-AMG C63 makes one hell of a smoke machine.

  • Overlanding is one of the coolest things you can do with a Jeep, and the fanatics on JK-Forum are all about it. So the editors went looking for some of the membership's best photos from their journeys. Check them out.

Hit the links to get the full story. And tune in next week for more news from the forums!