Essentially, the Jurassic Park films are extraordinary tales of piss-poor zoo keeping.

But that's not to say dinosaurs don't occasionally escape their pens and wreak havoc. Because earlier this week, drivers on the United Kingdom's Isle of Wight found a road blocked by a stubborn triceratops. Unfortunately, said triceratops was a statue, and not a product of rogue genetic manipulation. Authorities rightly suspect the incident was a prank.

They also surmised alcohol played a factor. Here's what else happened this week:

  • A CorvetteForum member's generosity nearly turned deadly after he let a family friend test his new Z06. While barreling toward stopped traffic, the driver had a full-on, foaming mouth seizure. Commence puckering.
  • Stop-and-go traffic isn't just frustrating, it can be dangerous, as one member of MBWorld has realized anew. He recently rear-ended a brodozer with a high bumper, and caused $52k damage to his C63 Edition 507.  
  • HondaTech is well known for the maturity of its user base and the civility of its discourse, so its opinions on Volvo's new V90 Wagon are sure to be closely watched. Here's a taste: "wtf is wrong with her face lololol."
  • We've previously mentioned how the Ford-Trucks crowd thinks trucks with less than eight pots are as American as baguettes and brie. So how will the Blue Oval faithful react to a classic F-100 with an EcoBoost swap?
  • The editors over at JK-Forum recently scoured some serious threads to find the craziest Jeep climbs members had posted, and wow, did they hit pay dirt. These are the maniacs which make off-roading so damn beautiful.

  Hit the links to get the full story. And tune in next week for more news from the forums!


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