Nope, The Fab Four weren't the only band to release a Let it Be.

In 1984, former janitor Paul Westerberg, along with brothers Bob and Tommy Stinson, made a perfect album so far past post-punk it still rings like a brand new bell. Their chaotic melodies might sound gritty, but they defined rock and roll's next era with a dirty new eye. And that's why the author came to Minneapolis today. 

  • How it feels to wind out your sports car on Germany's famed Autobaun might be a fantasy for many members of the Corvette tribe. But this CorvetteForum member went and did it properly. Here's what his online buddies have to say.
  • The Lexus crowd has been waiting for this car. Is it the whole package? Is it finally good enough to best the Germans? We just don't know—but we know when ClubLexus loves something, and they love the Lexus LF-FC. 
  • For a lot of enthusiasts, Honda's S2000 would already be a good enough canyon carver . But good enough isn't good enough for S2KI members. That why this baby is going ballistic. Watch the way this build comes together. 
  • Modena product might spell financial doom, but not everyone wants mortal death to follow. That's what makes the actions of this Prancing Horse so exemplary. It rolled away from the gas station. Today, 6SpeedOnline mourns. 
  • Jaguar shunned proper sports cars for longer than most petrolheads have been alive. But when the storied British marque released its F-Type, the hearts of enthusiasts lept. JaguarForums is enthralled with the Project 7.

Here's what else happened this week. Hit the links to get the full story. And tune in next week for more news from the forums!


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