Overall, it was a pretty terrible pair of products to confuse.

After Katherine Gaydos got something blown into her eye by a leaf blower, the man operating it attempted to help her by giving her a few drop of Visine. But instead of getting the red out, he actually delivered a few drops of super glue, which predictably fused her eye closed. The incident, unsurprisingly, occurred in Florida.

Fortunately, Gaydos will suffer no permanent damage. Here's what else happened this week:

  • For most people, a Ferrari 599 and some deserted roads would be fun enough—but never underestimate the ability of rich people to get bored. The folks on 6SpeedOnline are mixed on whether shooting clay pigeons from one is a good idea.
  • Paying for gas sucks everywhere, and over in the Ukraine, some ladies—and a couple of dudes—took advantage of a promotion that offered free gas for anyone wearing a bikini. It's safe to say DodgeForum supports the concept wholeheartedly.
  • Why exactly this woman is smashing up an Audi with a brick is unclear. The general consensus on MBWorld is that we're looking at a woman-scorned situation, but regardless, the window's ability to withstand the blow she delivered was impressive.
  • Members on HDForums are always looking for interesting tips on where to eat on the road, and this post about how to make pizza on a campfire inspired lots of positive feedback. Is writer William Connor a genius? He just might be.
  • There doesn't seem to be anything the Ford-Trucks crowd wants more than a new Bronco. And this Brazilian-market Troller looks to be most of the way there. Of course, it has a snowball's chance in Hell of making it stateside. But we can dream. 

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