The Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance is nearly upon us.

The legendary event is the sophisticated pinnacle of the year's automotive calendar, and while luminaries from around the globe will descend to the California coast to bid on priceless examples of automotive art, it's fair to say the vast majority of attendees will simply mill near creations they could never dream of affording.

So in the spirit of misty-eyed window shopping, we poked around on the forums and found some choice bits of kit. Enjoy.

  • Racing cars is something a great many enthusiasts have dreamed about. But plenty of folks on RennList do it for real. And occasionally, they unload some truly terrific track weapons. Case in point? This 2015-spec 991 Cup car.
  • Enzo Ferrari famously called the Jaguar XKE the most beautiful car ever made. And if you're willing to drop $125,000, there's a 6SpeedOnline member who will sell you a gloriously restored 1966 example. Have mercy.
  • During hard launches, Fox Body Mustangs aren't really sure which direction to go—but they have their charms. MustangForums members are freaking out over this cherry, supercharged '93 Cobra. Should be a total hoot to drive. 
  • Pickups have gotten crazy expensive. But the asking price of this hyper-customized F-100 would make a loaded King Ranch F-150 blush. The regulars on Ford-Trucks think that's a lot for a rig which won't haul anything but ass.      
Hit the links to get the full story. And tune in next week for more news from the forums!


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