As the headline implies, the incident which occurred earlier this week in Lincoln County, Oklahoma was fairly complicated.

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Before we get to details, however, it should be understood that all participants were, unsurprisingly, "severely intoxicated." For the breakdown of exactly what happened in the wee hours of Tuesday morning in the Sooner State, we turn to County Sheriff Charlie Dougherty, courtesy of local CBS affiliate News 9. Here's his professional assessment of how the situation played out:

“The driver was hanging out of the driver's window,” Dougherty said. “The passenger was hanging out of the passenger window for whatever reason, and the person in the middle was driving the car. They were driving about 55 miles per hour when they realized the passenger was gone."

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For what it's worth, Shelby Soderstrom and Holly Ingraham—both described as underage in the article—did turn around to look for their friend, but had to drive nearly ten miles back before they found her and called an ambulance. Due to the fact that each had been "driving" at some point, both now face DUI charges. 

It's unclear whether the unidentified passenger—who was airlifted from the scene with head injuries—will face any legal action, but it's safe to say she probably learned her lesson.


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