For fans of BMW's M Brand, there are a few examples that stand a few ticks above the rest. The E39 M5 is certainly high on the list, as is the E46 M3. It's the E30 M3, however, that remains the greatest M car for many an automotive enthusiast.

A high-water mark for the brand, and a reminder that BMW used to take its Ultimate Driving Machine tagline quite seriously. Perhaps it's time for the brand to get back to that, which is why BMW is reportedly looking to the E30 M3 as a source of inspiration for an upcoming M car.

According to Autocar, BMW is ready to look backwards as it approaches its 100th anniversary. There's a new M2 already ready to make an appearance at dealerships, so perhaps this E30-inspired machine will be a special anniversary edition car. Regardless, it's great to hear that such a motoring icon is being recognized, studied, and applied to a future product.

There's more good news in the form of how the automaker is assessing its future sporting cars, too. Design Director Adrian van Hooydonk is taking a page out of Colin Chapman's book by addressing the fact that lightness adds performance. The future of enthusiasts machines won't come from more and more power, but a reduction in weight.

Look for the horsepower arms race to at least stalemate soon, with the next great race to be one to drop curb weight. 


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