Top Gear Series 22 kicks off this Sunday, and it's clear the crew is ready to get back to work. Well, at least the Stig is, after his well-deserved vacation. To illustrate the fact that the new season is nearly here, the team have turned to an interesting source for a new short teaser: Lego.

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It's clear that everything is awesome in this world, well for us at least. Not so much for Jeremy, Richard, and James. The Lego versions have a bit of trouble making it to the set as the show gets ready to hit record.

Lego James May needs to find his hair. Lego Richard Hammond found a few unnecessary extra pieces. Lego Jeremy Clarkson is trying to get Lego Stig ready for the camera. We won't spoil the rest. Just go ahead and watch, as it's only a bit over two minutes long. You can squeeze that in before your boss notices you're not filing out the correct TPS reports.

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