Jensen Button is all set to ride in serious comfort for the rest of the Formula 1 season. No, he hasn't made any changes to his McLaren-Mercedes race car. Instead, he's signed with Rolls-Royce to help promote the brand at each stop along the F1 calendar. By promoting the brand, he will be driving and riding along in various Rolls-Royce products.

Finally, Button is making a winning move over Infiniti-backed Sebastian Vettel.

At first glance, it seems a bit boring for a Formula 1 driver to opt for a ride inside a Rolls-Royce. Think about it a bit longer, however, and it actually makes a whole lot of sense. Pushing a race car around a circuit is an intense and demanding activity, which can leave a person sore and tired. What better machine to then use after the racing is over, or before it starts, than a supremely comfortable machine like a Wraith, a Ghost, or a Phantom?

F1 races also draw the sort of crowd that can afford such machines. The area surrounding a Formula 1 race is typically saturated with helicopters and yachts, and those well-heeled folk are the ones working with Rolls-Royce dealers to create their next custom-ordered conveyance.

With Button currently sitting in fifth place in the 2014 driver's standings, we expect to see him slowly climb his way up the leaderboard. No, he won't catch Rosberg and Hamilton because their Benz rockets are just too fast this year. He will however continue to improve, and we think Rolls-Royce might deserve part of the credit... for making him comfortable, and putting him in the right mindset to race.


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