There’s much more to Hyundai’s next-generation Blue Link interface than an ability to connect with wearable smart devices like Google Glass. The new interface also features a destination search powered by Google, a custom assistant app, and Apple’s Siri-powered Eyes Free mode among its list of functions. Hyundai previewed the new interface at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show using its 2015 Genesis sedan, which goes on sales this spring.  

For navigation, Hyundai owners using the latest Blue Link interface will be able to take advantage of Google’s powerful search capabilities, simply by using a voice command to enter their destination or via a Blue Link mobile app or the website They can also use the new Blue Link interface to remote start their car for those early morning cold starts, and in the case of an emergency be assured that the system can automatically contact emergency services.

Another key feature is the Genesis Intelligent Assistant app, which combines Blue Link features with data from the vehicle, the owner’s smartphone and the internet. For example, by providing commute information and access to their smartphone’s calendar, owners can have the app automatically estimate appropriate departure times and send reminders for any upcoming appointments that require a drive. There are also vehicle health status reminders, outside temperature notifications and low-fuel warnings with recommended gas station suggestions.

In addition to these Hyundai Blue Link specific functions, owners will also find many popular services offered by third-party providers. These include Apple’s Eyes Free mode, Pandora and SoundHound smartphone integration, SiriusXM audio, news and weather updates, and much more.  

Finally, as detailed earlier in the month, Hyundai’s next-generation Blue Link interface has the ability to connect with Google Glass, although this functionality is still at an early age. Furthermore, wearing Google Glass behind the wheel may get you into trouble in some states.   

With the latest Blue Link interface, Hyundai owners will be able to access vehicle safety, service and infotainment features using Google Glass and a special app. They will be able to start the vehicle, lock or unlock the doors and even find the vehicle in a car park all with Google Glass. They will also be able to send navigation instructions, search for a gas station, or contact roadside assistance or Blue Link staff.


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