Ron Burgundy is a legendary newsman. He started off by capturing the hearts, minds, and attention of the residents of San Diego. Eventually, Burgundy's brilliance was discovered by a larger network and he, along with his lovely partner Veronica Corningstone, brought their journalistic talents to the world.

To say that Mr. Burgundy is a shining star gracing our globe with its beauty and brightness would be an understatement. It should come as no surprise then that Ron has been tapped to sell you the 2014 Dodge Durango in a new series of ads.

When you're dealing with a machine like the Dodge Durango, you need a man who can extol all of its virtues in the clearest way possible. Did you know the glovebox comes standard? You do now. How about the manner in which it compares to a horse? It's 360 times better. Take that, you stupid horse. Were you aware that the Durango can return 25 emm-puh-gees on the highway? It does, um, that with ease.

The agency behind this pairing should be placed on a pedestal, given fine wine and fresh-smelling oils and liniments, and then treated to a five-course dinner at Tino's. There will be good food, happy San Diegans, and possibly the man himself pleasing the crowd with a jazz flute solo.

Regardless of who is behind it, we think it's a fresh and funny way to drum up some interest in the Durango. It's also a good way for folks to get excited about the upcoming Anchorman 2 movie, which should be in theaters around Christmas time. Until then, you can catch Mr. Burgundy doing his sales shtick here.

You stay classy, Dodge Durango shopper.


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