The old maxims were wrong: you can take it with you, provided you have a big yard, a backhoe, and a dream.

AutoExpress reports the odd case of a Brazilian man who fancies himself a rival for the Egyptian pharaohs--in the afterlife, at least.

In this novel take on a pyramid scheme, Conde Chiquinho Scarpa, a 62-year-old from Brazil's biggest city, Sao Paolo, has decided he wants to be buried with his Bentley Flying Spur.

The businessman posted his plans in a series of posts on his Facebook page, noting that he'd watched documentaries about the Pharaohs--and how they buried their fortunes with them to have a more comfortable afterlife.

Then he published this photo of a hole being dug in his garden, where it seems he plans on spending a very long time finding a just-perfect non-driving position.

Scarpa scoffs at those who think he's a fool for putting the Bentley in the ground already.

Loosely translated by Facebook, his most current post explains his motive.

"I buried my car, but everyone thought it was absurd when I said I was going to do that," he writes. "Absurd is bury their organs, which could save many lives. Nothing is more valuable. Be a donor, tell your family."

You heard the man.


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