Audi and the 24 Hours of Le Mans go hand in hand these days. The automaker has won 11 races, and it's only entered in 13 of them. Those 11 wins place Audi behind only Porsche for most wins by a manufacturer, and Porsche has been at this quite a bit longer. Audi's recent domination of what many consider to be the greatest race on the planet is a major source of pride for the brand.

Now the automaker is celebrating the 2013 running of the event, and it's doing so in video fashion. Anyone who was a fan of the original 'Truth in 24' film will need to check out this latest video. It's called 'Motorsport is coming home', and it features wonderful footage and insightful interviews with the Audi team drivers.

The race is described by those closest to it. It's always amazing to hear those who push themselves to the edge talk about what it feels like. It's an experience that most will never feel, so it's videos like this that help us get just a tiny taste of the glory of motorsport. The video also doesn't forget the danger that comes with racing, and there's a lovely, simple tribute to Aston Martin driver Allan Simonsen, who lost his life during the 2013 race.


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