The Pirelli World Challenge is an exciting racing series that features a variety of familiar vehicles racing on a wide range of circuits. From tight street tracks like Long Beach and St. Petersburg to wide and fast circuits such as COTA, the Pirelli World Challenge provides thrills for fans wherever it happens to be holding a racing event.

Automakers like Cadillac, Volvo and Kia all compete with the cars like the CTS-V Coupe, S60, and Optima. Now, however, a new face will be joining the fun and providing an entry that brings in a bit of that British class.

Aston Martin will enter its Vantage GT4 racecars for the remainder of the PWC season. This team is a joint effort between The Racers Group and Aston Martin Racing, which also came together to produce a Vantage GT3 for other motorsports efforts.

There will be two TRG-AMR Vantage GT4 race cars out on the track. Drivers Mark Klenin and Drew Regitz will be the lucky pilots, and the duo will make their debut at the upcoming race at Mid-Ohio.

The team has already been given the green light to run the 2014 season as well. It will be great to see them going wheel to wheel with the likes of the CTS-V coupes and other machines that make the Pirelli World Challenge so much fun to watch.


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